Campaña 2016

Campaña 2016

ASOCIACIÓN PLACEAT (En Pro de las Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual y sus Familias)

ASOCIACIÓN PLACEAT (En Pro de las Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual y sus Familias)

viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

Miercoles, 8 Agosto. Campo de trabajo San Gil 2012

3º Día de Campo de Trabajo que sigue desarrollándose sin incidentes y dentro d elos previsto. A partir de hoy serán los propios voluntarios los que nos cuenten  en primera persona sus experencias. Os pedimos que hagáis el esfuerzo y consideración de buscar las palabras en inglés que no conozcáis.
"Hello, I am Carlos a spanish guy form Vila-real and I am going to explain how Wednesday went for me.

In our third day in San Gil camp we did a bunch of funny things. I have to say that the evening was pretty less tiring, but the morning was great.

After having breakfast Jorge and Miguel Angel, two handicap guys, and the other volunteers and I were cleaning up the biggest room in the camp. I first thouhgt it was going to be a bit hard working with handicap people, but, believe me, many of the regular people I meet work less than them. They help you out in everything you need and always with a smile in their face.

During the afternoon we were swimming in Portugal, it sounds a bit weird but there is nothing like Portuguese rivers (just kidding). As the water was very cold no one of the handicap people wanted to swim but Javi who is the best swimmer I have ever met.

To sum up, I have to say the day was worth it, and if everyday is like yesterday, this camp is going to be awesome".
"Hello, My name is Yaprak. I am from Turkey and I want to tell you my experience in our camp. I worked with Facundo who is the oldest man and we water the flowers. I think he is hardworking and cute. Everybody tell me that he does not talk so much, but he wanted to talk to me and i felt good because of that situation. He told me the trees and flowers name. If i may make him happy, it is the most beautiful thing for me.

In the afternoon, we went to Portugal for swimming. The water was very cold, but the landscape is very beutiful. Handicap people look happy for spending time with us in Portugal (actually everywhere). I think it is very good feeling for us, not just for them.

Handicap people just want to be with us, sometimes just a smiling is enough for them. When they see a happy face, they are smiling and hugging one of us (sometimes all of us).

Finally, i am very happy for being here and meeting handicup people. In my opinion, all people should try to communicate with them. It is a very good feeling and experience".

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